Domain Registration

Why is Domain name registration?, it is a name that identifies a Website. A single Web server can serve for multiple domain names, at the same time a single domain must point one machine only. Purposes of domain names are to identify and recognize our Website name easily. Ownership of Domain Name Registration has only exclusive right of use. By using domain names in URL's we can identify the particular Webpages.

Domain Registration Extensions

  • .COM (Commercial)
  • .ORG (Organization)
  • .INFO (Informational)
  • .IN (India)
  • .NET (Network)
  • .XYZ (New Trending)
  • .BIZ (Business)
  • .CO.IN

Advantages of Domain Registration

  •   Keep the name years to come
  •   In search engines we get easier
  •   People can easily arrive at a conclusion about your Website